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Argentine Disco De Arado Paellera Camp Fire Skillet Pan BBQ Outdoor Cowboy Wok

Cooking disc of 17.71 in diameter.

The legs of the disc are removable to be used for both wood and gas cooking.

-DISC HEIGHT: 3.14 in

-Detachable LEGS


-Number of diners 12 to 14 PEOPLE

Disco de cocción de 45 cm de diámetro. Las patas del disco son extraíbles para ser utilizadas tanto para cocinar madera como a gas. -ALTURA DEL DISCO: 3.14 in -PIERNAS desmontables -MANIJAS DE HIERRO -Número de comensales 12 a 14 PERSONAS

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Iron Cross Argentinian Asador Grill Made In Argentina asador cruz estaca bbq

Iron Cross Argentinian Asador Grill Made In Argentina asador cruz estaca bbq

Features Type of stake press:
Supports up to 33 pounds
Adjustable in height, at an angle. The part of the crosses rotates in 360 degrees to be able to turn easily. Untethered thanks to the press system
Press (Grill part kitchen)
Measures : 16.60 inches wide x 21.66 inches high
Maximum height 35 inches (angle height adjustable)
Base: 23 ⁵/₈ at angle
-Made of 7 mm thick iron

Iron crosses are for roasting a whole lamb, a small pig, a fish or a chicken over a wood fire.

Características Estaca tipo prensa:
Soporta hasta 15 kg
Regulable en altura ,en ángulo. La parte de las cruces gira en 360 grados para poder rotar con facilidad .Libre de ataduras gracias al sistema de prensa

Prensa (Parrilla parte coccion)
Medidas : 42 cm ancho x 55 cm alto
Altura máxima 88 cm (Regulable altura en angulo )
Base: 50 cm en angulo
-Realizada en hierro 7 mm espesor

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Fireplace BBQ Pit Tools Set Fire Poker Shovel

Tools that you can not miss when making a roast, know all our models of accessories for the grill.
We are manufacturers and experts in products for the grill.
On this occasion we show you the barbecue set

1- Shovel for embers
Measures 5,5 IN x 6,2 IN useful part , length 29,5 IN
0.3IN round iron + wooden fist

2- Ignitor or ember remover
Useful part measures 2,3 INC x 4,5 INC ,length 27,5 INC
0.3 INC round iron+ wooden cuff

3-Ember clamp
Measures 16,5 INC long, made of 1/2 x 1/8 plate


Herramientas que no te pueden faltar a la hora de hacer un asado , conoce todos nuestros modelos de accesorios para la parrilla .
Somos fabricantes y expertos en productos para el asador .
En esta ocacion te mostramos el set parrillero

1- Pala para brasas
Medidas 14 cm x 16 cm parte util , largo 75 cm
hierro redondo de 8 mm + puño de madera

2- Atizador o removedor de brasas
Medidas parte util 6 cm x 11,5 cm ,largo 70 cm
hierro redondo de 8 mm + puño de madera

3-Pinza para Brasas
Medidas 42 cm largo , realizado en planchuela de 1/2 x 1/8


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Argentine Iron Set Asado Parrilla Argentina Brazier

Model: Uruguayan Leñero brazier cradle.
Rod material: Drawn iron (Steel iron) 7 mm thick.
Maximum measures: 9.8 inc WIDTH X 17,7 inc DEPTH 10’2 inc high
Capacity 4 kg of Firewood or Charcoal

Modelo: Cuna brasero Leñero uruguayo.
Material de las varillas:Hierro trefilado( Hierro acerado )de 7 mm de espesor.
Medidas máximas: 25 CM ANCHO X 45 CM PROFUNDIDAD 30 cm alto
Color Negro
Capacidad 4 kg de Leña o Carbón

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Rocket Stove Portable Rocket Stove Camping Stove Wood Burner

Handmade argentina

Detachable rocket stove, easy armed. Outdoor kitchen or wherever you want. Made with top quality materials, super resistant and reinforced. We are manufacturers
Suitable for Discs / Pots / Pans and more
Saves energy
It is transportable and fully disassembleable
Contains ashtray to use all types of woods
– Flame output 100×100 mm
– 26.7 in high x 11.81 inc wide
– Weight: 19,8 lbs

Cocina cohete rocket stove Fabricacion Argentina

Apta para Discos / Ollas / Cacerolas y más
Ahorra energía
Es Transportable y totalmente desarmable
Contiene cenicero para utilizar todo tipos de maderas
– Salida de llama 100×100 mm
– 68 cm de alto x 30 de ancho
– Peso: 8.5 Kg

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Argentine iron grill parrilla asado barbacue bbq argentina

Grills to show off with the best roasts. Our grills are made with super reinforced plates of first quality and with the new method of floating rods, which allows a better cleaning and greater durability of these since they do not bend. We are manufacturers This model is 70 cm x 50 cm (19.6 in x 27.5 in, have a sector for widths or vegetables

We are lovers of roasting and we love our traditions and the products we make with a lot of effort and affection
Ideal for charcoal or firewood, cook whatever your imagination creates

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Portable roller grill barbacue asado argentine bbq parrilla

Portable Roller grill made of chain and rods of wire iron 6 mm thick,
stringers and legs in 8 mm thick drawn iron
19’6 inc x 15’7 height 4’7 inc
Includes sector for widths (rods closer together)Includes 1 Burner (ember remover)

Includes Case to carry wherever you want
Easy assembly and does not take up an ideal place to take it everywhere.

Parrilla enrollable realizada con cadena y varillas de hierro trafilado de 6 mm de espesor ,
largueros y patas en hierro trafilado de 8 mm espesor
50x 40 cm altura 12 cm
Incluye sector para achuras ( varillas más juntas)Incluye 1 Atizador ( removedor de brasas)

Incluye Funda para transportar donde desees
Fácil armado y no ocupa lugar ideal para llevarla a todos lados.

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